Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Since our marketing approach is performance-based and we have month-to-month contracts, our clients only stick with us if we are increasing their profitability. Here are a few of our clients and their thoughts on working with us (some have been with us since we began the program in 2009)

Aaron Cook


Client from 2011 to present


“Our firm has worked with Sebo for over 3 years and plans to continue doing so.  Their marketing performance has contributed to an expansion of our business.  It is easy to work with the team at Sebo because they straightforwardly do as agreed.  In working with us, they have functioned as much like a partner as they have a vendor–instead of selling us marketing, they listen to what we need for our business and work toward providing what is mutually beneficial.  I recommend Sebo wholeheartedly.”

Coleman Ellis

Missouri-Bankruptcy.com and KSCityBankruptcy.com

Client from July 2009 to present


“Working with Sebo Marketing has been and continues to be an enjoyable experience. Importantly, I am always able to speak with a member of their team regarding my questions and concerns. I have also been impressed with the level of expertise with which they analyze the online market in our areas, and how they are constantly tinkering with our websites in order to improve performance.”

Todd Jackson


Client from July 2012 to present


“When I depended on my web site for new bankruptcy leads, I averaged about 5 or 6 cases per month. One year ago I engaged Sebo Marketing to market my firm on the internet. Their system has increased my lead volume tremendously and, during the time they have been generating leads for me, I have averaged 18 cases per month. When I look at the additional revenue generated, what I pay them is a no-brainer. I would recommend them to any firm that wants more clients.”

Orson Woodall


Client from Jan 2013 to present


“Over the years , I have literally spent tens of thousands of dollors on attracting clients and keeping them once they contact us.  I have used at least five different referral firms and by far Sebo is the best I have come across.

While you don’t deliver the total number of leads that some of the big boys do, the quality of the leads you deliver have at least a 30 to 40% higher close ratio. There is a lot less trash in your lead referrals.

Additionally, you give a lot more bang for the buck with letting us use your ebooks, your monthly newsletters, and the quick way your company responds to my calls. It seems ya’ll are constantly looking for ways to enhance my homepage and increase my business.

Thank you for everything you do and I look forward to doing business for many more years with Sebo.”

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