Best Practices: Handling BK Leads

Best Practices: Handling BK Leads

Here is a summary of some of the best practices on handling new leads from our attorney’s and from call statistics.
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Get’em while they’re HOT!

Bankruptcy leads can cool off, or jump ship pretty fast (exponentially),  but how fast do you need to act before hot potato becomes cold french fries (yuck)?

A timely response is critical, but it depends on the time of day and the public’s perception of your behavior. What do people generally believe Attorneys do in your area?

Many people in our area believe that Attorney’s work 5×7, 9-5pm, and their staff is usually available during business hours.  With that expectation here are a few tips to help you think through your own strategy:

Optimal Response Times

Business Hours

  • Calls: Immediatly. Unless you have a super addictive voice message, arrange to have someone available to pick up the call. see !!!phone message blog.
    • ! Blind transfers:  Don’t transfer a lead to an attorney without expectations. If you can, let them know if he is in the office, but more importantly give them a benefit if they leave their name and number.
      • Reassure them that IF they leave their contact info, they will get a help today, or some other benefit.
      • Get their contact info prior to transferring them and update it in a lead database. Then follow up with those the attorney didn’t hear from.
      • About 95% of transferred calls drop when a transfer hits a voice message and no expectation or benefit was given prior.
  • eMail: 2-4 minutes.  On the internet, once they hit submit after filling out a form, they don’t just wait, but continue searching for other options.  Calling back quickly stops that nonsense. If you don’t have a way to notify you of new email, talk to us about options.

After Hours:

Respond by the next business day first thing in the morning between 9-9:30 am unless you have different business hours.

  • calls: they want to know when they will be contacted back and how (email, text, phone, etc).  Leave enough details on your voice message. No one leaves confidential information, especially about a bankruptcy, with a strangers voice mail.
  • Have an awesome message that invites the caller to leave their info with the expectation that they will get help fist think the next business day morning.  Let them feel they are a priority, and will receive a benefit (you will get help, Lisa will call you back, etc) or get a result and they will be waiting for you in the morning.

Inviting Message (enticing)

Instead of a “technically correct” business message, leave one that includes a call to action, dangling benefits in front of them. The goal isn’t to simply inform them, but to encourage them to leave their name and number, and stop looking till you call them back.

See blog:  “The perfect hook message”

Nurturing – followup

Just because a lead isn’t ready to hire you now doesn’t mean they won’t in a week or two.  Have a well defined method of tracking incoming leads and following up with them.

  • How and what to track:
    • All their details they sent to you, and your notes.
    • When to follow up with them next and what action to take.
    • A way to sort and remove old leads so you only focus on potential leads.
  • Tracking Tools:
    • A simple spreadsheet, or notebook.
    • Sebo’s “BK Lead Tracker” online Google Sheet.
    • or subscribe to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and check with us to see if we can connect the website directly to it and feed form entries automatically. Here are some of the tools and CRM systems being used by some of our attorneys are:
      • Sebo’s BK Lead Tracker Google Sheet. (simple, easy to learn, free).
      • Infusionsoft
      • Highrise
      • Bankruptcy Rainmaker (Salesforce back end CRM)
      • and many others are possible.  (partial list we support)

Timely Feedback

Give feedback to your account representative at Sebo Marketing.  In a way we are partners and even though we primarily focus on getting leads, your success in converting those to clients is our success too.

Everything we do here at Sebo is about creating freedom.  Freedom from contracts, freedom from website down issues, and the freedom for you to focus on what you are good at. So let us free up your hands by letting us know how things are going so we know what to help with.

APRIL 15, 2015 by Feleni Siufanua
Feleni is a user experience designer, and account manager at Sebo Marketing

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