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Bankruptcy Attorneys

We have generated over 50,000+ leads for our clients since 2009

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How our Program Works

We build you a site and manage a Google PPC account to get you quality leads.

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What Can I Expect?

No Contracts. Free website. You only pay when we get you leads.

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Free Personalized Website

We make a website personalized for your business and personal brand. And it’s free!



How long have you been doing marketing for bankruptcy lawyers?

Our program for bankruptcy lawyer marketing has been around since 2009. We have over 10 years of experience generating bankruptcy leads for attorneys.

How do you track a bankruptcy lead?

We place a snippet of code on the website to track all the forms being filled out on the website. We also utilize call tracking, so we know how many phone leads we are generating your bankruptcy practice.

What if I want to cancel the lead service?

You can cancel our bankruptcy marketing service at any time. With our service, you pay month to month, and there’s no contracts.

What is the suggested Google Ads budget to start out?

We recommend spending at least $500 to $1000 your first month, so that we can get a true test of the bankruptcy market in your area.

Do you do facebook advertising for bankruptcy lawyers?

Our efforts are primarily through Google Ads, we do not do Facebook advertising for bankruptcy lawyers.

Do you do search engine optimization for bankruptcy lawyers?

We don’t really do a lot of search engine optimization for bankruptcy lawyers. Leads are generated primarily with Google Ads. With that said, you can expect over time to generate some organic leads. This is not guaranteed, just something that we’ve noticed happens over time.

Does pay-per lead advertising for bankruptcy lawyers actually work?

Pay-per lead marketing for bankruptcy lawyers has worked very well for lots of our bankruptcy attorney clients. They appreciate a model where they pay directly for success and leads.