How Our Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing Program Works

The steps below outline our process. Click the buttons to learn more about each step


Step 1: We Build You a Free Website

We purchase a URL & create a template website for you for free. It is a template we have made using elements which have worked well for other bankruptcy attorneys

  • We’ll need from you: a quality self-photo, logo (if available), your contact info, 1-3 testimonials (if available), and an about you section (~250 words). Then, we input that onto the site.

Step 2: We Bring Traffic to the Website

We send targeted visitors to your new website using Google Ads

  • What do I mean by targeted? These are people searching for terms related to bankruptcy, ch. 7 & 13, etc. in your local area
  • You set a budget with Google and pay Google through your credit card every time your ad is clicked on. We ask that our clients expect a minimum monthly budget of $500.

Step 3: The Website Converts Traffic to Leads

Those visitors contact you, whether by form (email) or by phone

  • We count leads as first-time callers over 30 seconds & email form completions (excluding solicitors or spam). We encourage you to proactively monitor your leads.
  • We charge on a Pay-Per-Performance basis, $25 per lead.
  • We are motivated to find the best keywords which turn into leads. The more leads you get, the more commission we make too! It’s Pay-Per Performance.

Step 4:  You Turn Leads Into Clients

Once those leads have contacted you looking for a consultation, you do your best to turn those leads into clients (15-20% usually turn into clients)

  • We recommend having good systems in place, such as always having someone available to answer the phone & that has good phone etiquette, and responding to email leads ASAP every day.

Step 5: We Send a Report, You Pay Based on Performance

At the beginning of every month, we send you a KPI report, which includes the monthly lead count

  • We also typically charge our attorney’s credit cards & send sales receipts on the 9th of each month

Consumers are gravitating towards using Search Engines and other Internet resources to find legal help. We’ve developed a unique bankruptcy attorney marketing program that has generated over 32,000 leads for our clients.