Step 5: Monthly Reports, Payment, and Contracts

1. Monthly Report Discusses Advertising Results

We report on results and you pay based on performance

Our monthly report highlights how the advertising and website are performing and account for the monthly lead total.

2. You Pay Us Based on Performance

Our payment varies based on how well we managed your budget. The more leads we bring you, the more you pay us. This model creates a win-win situation for both of us. We have a strong incentive to manage your budget efficiently.

This table shows the pricing model.

3. Our Monthly Contract Gives You Flexibility and Freedom

Our contract gives you rights to a specified geographic area. We won’t work with other attorneys in that area.

We don’t have a long-term contract. If our program works well for you, you can stay with us. If it doesn’t work, you can leave at any time.

concentrated businesswoman tearing contract