Step 4: You Turn Leads Into Clients

It is your responsibility to close leads that we bring you


Once site visitors call you or fill out a Free consultation form, it is your opportunity to close leads and turn them into paying clients.

1. Leads Must Be Nurtured to Become Clients

Closing leads takes work on your part. A good percentage of leads can become clients if they are nurtured and handled effectively. Most of our clients close between 15-20% of leads into clients.

2. Principles of Effectively Closing Leads

The higher your close rate, the more profitable our program will be for you. Each attorney has a unique capacity to close leads. We have found that our most effective attorneys do the following to close leads.

  • Quick response time to form leads (within a few hours)
  • Have effective, in-depth phone and in-person consultations
  • Send the leads their own helpful materials on bankruptcy that help the potential client make an informed decision