How Our Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing Program Works

The steps below outline our process. Click the buttons to learn more about each step


Step 1: We Build You a Free Website

  • We handle all website costs and maintenance
  • We customize the content and visual appearance
  • The site will be mobile-friendly
  • We maintain ownership but lease the site for your use.

Step 2: We Bring Traffic to the Website

  • You set a monthly advertising budget
  • This budget funds clicks on advertising on Google and Bing
  • We manage your budget, create ads, and do various marketing tasks to bring traffic to the website

Drive Traffic to Website

Leads to Clients

Step 3: The Website Converts Traffic to Leads

  • The website informs visitors about bankruptcy 
  • The website persuades visitors to get a Free Consultation
  • We track all phone leads and website form leads

Step 4:  You Turn Leads Into Clients

  • Once we send you leads, it is your responsibility to turn them into clients
  • Most of our clients turn 15-20% of leads into clients
  • The higher your close rate, the more profitable our program will be for you

Leads to Clients

Performance Payment

Step 5: We Send a Report, You Pay Based on Performance

  • Our report highlights advertising results and monthly lead volume
  • You pay based on how many leads we generated
  • No long-term contract
  • We work exclusively with one attorney per area

Consumers are gravitating towards using Search Engines and other Internet resources to find legal help. We’ve developed a unique bankruptcy attorney marketing program that has generated over 32,000 leads for our clients.