Case Study #4: What Can Keyword Searches Tell You About Consumer Needs?

Case Study #4: What Can Keyword Searches Tell You About Consumer Needs?

How keywords reveal insights into your consumers’ minds

Keyword search data brings valuable insights into your customers' needs.

Keyword search data brings valuable insights into your customers’ needs.

One of the best ways to understand your customers’ needs and interests is to see what keyword phrases they are searching for online. With Google keyword search data, you can learn what exactly consumers need and want, which can help you improve your advertising and website to better meet these needs.


There are two main ways to find out what your customers are searching for.

  1. Use the Google keyword research tool to type in keyword phrases and find out how many times that phrase is searched for nationwide on a monthly basis. This method gives general insights into your customers’ interests, but since it aggregates data from all states, it doesn’t give you an accurate representation of your local customers’ search terms.
  2. If you are currently doing PPC advertising, use the Google Adwords search terms report to see what exact phrases those that clicked on your ads typed in to trigger your ad and come to your website. This method gives you the most accurate representation as to what your customers were looking for when they came to your website.

Why are keyword phrases so important? They reveal the search intent and needs of the searcher. For example, someone searching for these phrases online has a different search intent and need based on the phrase they used:

  • “Wichita bankruptcy attorney” (looking for professional legal help)
  • “how does chapter 7 affect credit” (looking for information)
  • “bankruptcy” (somewhat unclear search intent)

Recently, we gathered data on 4 years (Jan 2009-June 2013) of keyword searches from individuals who clicked on ads of our 20+ clients’ websites. We gathered over 48,600 keyword phrases and analyzed them.

Based on the data, we’ve made some observations.

Data Results Interpreted

Keyword Phrases

  • There was an enormous variety in keyword phrases searched for
  • Lots and lots of misspellings
  • Many searches for specific law firms and attorney names
  • Over 50% of all keyword searches were information-oriented
  • Many searches were somewhat related to bankruptcy (Ex: “foreclosure help”)
  • Many searches express local intent (Ex: “albuquerque bankruptcy attorney”)
  • Many searches express concerns and questions about bankruptcy
  • About 25% of all keyword searches were action-oriented, meaning the individual was actively searching for help filing bankruptcy.

What this data means for you

  • PPC Advertising: There are thousands of online searches for bankruptcy help and information in your area. If you are not currently using PPC for lead generation, you are missing out on large online demand opportunities.
  • Keywords: By researching keyword phrases, you can know what your consumers are looking for and make plans to meet those needs.
  • Ads: Once you know what your customers need and want, you can write better ads that are more appealing to your customers.
  • Landing Pages: Create website pages that directly meet the needs of the most popular keyword searches. Use these pages as “landing pages”, or the first page a person that clicks on your ad is sent to. This ensures that when individuals click on ads and come to these web pages, they immediately have their needs met. This will increase your website conversion rate.
  • Website Content: Create robust resources and content that answers the most common questions and needs of your customers. Online searchers will find your site content highly useful and informative, which will make them more likely to hire you.


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