How to Find Out What Bankruptcy Content Your Customers Want and Need

How to Find Out What Bankruptcy Content Your Customers Want and Need

It all starts with understanding your customers

You can use keyword searches to determine what kind of bankruptcy content you should create for your customers

You can use keyword searches to determine what kind of bankruptcy content you should create for your customers

Your customers need information about bankruptcy. And lots of it. With plenty of misconceptions and questions about bankruptcy, your customers take to the streets (or search engines, at least) on an important (and sometimes desperate) search for the information they need to make a good decision about filing bankruptcy.


How effectively are you meeting this demand for information with bankruptcy content? On a scale of 1-10, how high of quality is the content that you currently have on your site? Is your site content sparse or robust? Is it unique or generic? Is it shabby or slick? Is it boring or engaging? Do you have eBooks, videos, infographics, blogs, and an email newsletter? By having too little, low quality, or unexciting content, you are likely missing out on an opportunity to engage your customers.  


On the other hand, as you meet this demand for customer information through high-quality, effective content, 4 things will happen:


  1. Your customers will be grateful that you met their information needs
  2. Your customers will gain trust in your credibility and experience as an attorney
  3. Your customers will be more likely to hire you instead of your competitors
  4. Your website will have competitive advantage over your competitors’ websites

How do you know what type of bankruptcy content you should create? Before rushing into writing, designing, and developing content, it is important to make sure that your content focuses on real customer needs, interests, and wants. 


Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way to determine what information your customers need. With Google PPC data and the Google Keyword Research tool, you can research what customers in your area are searching for online. Their searches reveal exactly what type of information they are looking for. Basing your content strategy around these keyword searches eliminates the guesswork in content creation and ensures that your content will be exactly what your customers want.


Research We’ve Performed on What Bankruptcy Consumers Are Looking For

Recently, we ran a report of over 42,000 keyword phrases searched for on our clients’ websites and PPC accounts from 2009-2013 in hopes of finding trends that could lead us to develop new bankruptcy website content. While there was great variety in the phrases searched for, we found some common themes in what customers are looking for:


Here are a few examples of keyword phrases searched for by bankruptcy consumers

Here are a few examples of keyword phrases searched for by bankruptcy consumers

  • What bankruptcy is and what it does
  • Deciding whether or not they can file bankruptcy
  • Determining what it takes to qualify for bankruptcy
  • How the bankruptcy process works
  • What it costs to file bankruptcy
  • What Chapter 7 is and how it works
  • What Chapter 13 is and how it works
  • How bankruptcy affects debt (gambling, medical, credit cards, etc) and what types of debt it eliminates
  • How bankruptcy affects assets and property
  • What the differences are between Chapter 7 and 13
  • What to look for when hiring a bankruptcy attorney
  • How bankruptcy affects retirement savings, social security, and tax returns
  • How to file separately or as a couple
  • How bankruptcy relates to divorce, alimony, child support, and families
  • How bankruptcy affects repos, judgments, garnishments, liens, levies, collections,
  • Comparing bankruptcy and debt consolidation/settlement
  • How to rebuild credit and finances after filing bankruptcy
  • How businesses can file for bankruptcy

What These Findings Mean for Your Bankruptcy Content Strategy

We took these keyword trends and developed 4 bankruptcy eBooks and many videos for our clients. What can you do? Based on these common information needs of your customers, you should consider implementing 4 strategies:


  1. Develop robust content: Plan and write content to address the needs of all (or at least most) of the common themes that your customers are searching for. Make sure to cover as many topics as you can to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers
  2. Make content high quality and engaging: Sloppy content isn’t doing you any favors. Take time to plan and write thoughtful, quality content. Try developing eBooks, infographics, videos, a weekly blog, and a monthly email newsletter to engage your customers with rich, engaging media formats. If needed, hire a graphic designer to help you make your content look professional and nice.
  3. Advertise your content: Most attorneys use the famous, overused “Get a Free Consultation” in their ads. By focusing your ads (PPC, billboards, radio, etc) on getting free bankruptcy resources that you have developed, your ads will stand out in a crowded advertising space and generate interest, website traffic, and leads.
  4. Measure results: What impact is your content having on your lead volume, website traffic, etc? Track key metrics to determine if your content is engaging enough and whether or not it is generating new clients.


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