Using Chat on Your Bankruptcy Website – Overview

Using Chat on Your Bankruptcy Website – Overview

How to implement chat as a part of your bankruptcy website strategy

Adding chatting capabilities to your website allows you to strengthen customer relationships and increase your website leads

Adding chatting capabilities to your website allows you to strengthen customer relationships and increase your website leads

To chat or not to chat, that is the question. As you gain traffic to your bankruptcy website, how well does your site perform in terms of turning visitors into leads? Sure, phone calls and form submissions offer a way for your customers to come in contact with you, but they don’t provide the convenience and immediacy that chat provides.


When used effectively, offering chat functionality on your site allows you to establish stronger customer relationships and produce more website leads.


What are some effective ways to use chat?

Before you decide whether or not to implement chat on your bankruptcy website, you should consider the benefits.


  • Chat strengthens customer relationships. When customers are alone and navigating your website, there is little feel of having a relationship with you or your firm. With chat, you are able to establish contact and develop a relationship in a low-pressure environment.
  • Chat is convenient for your customers. Customers are often hesitant and nervous about calling you or filling out an online form. However, many are willing to chat with you. In this safe, convenient environment, you can answer questions, overcome concerns, and set appointments for consultations.
  • Chat can increase your leads. While chat conversations are not the best at having full consultations, chat does allow you to guide many of your site visitors into feeling willing to come in for a consultation or to have a phone consultation, where you have a higher likelihood of closing them into paying clients.


Is your law firm ready and able to implement chat?

Before you spend time and energy implementing chat to your website, it is important to first decide whether or not chat is a good fit for your law firm.


  • Do you have enough website traffic? If you don’t have many site visitors, chat may not be worth the effort. The more traffic your site has, the more likely chat will help you increase your profits.
  • Does your site have a low conversion rate of visitors into leads? If so, then in addition to improving your actual website, you should consider adding chat to increase conversion rates.
  • Do you have a secretary or staff member that is able to handle chat requests during business hours? If you don’t have the ability to handle live chats, then chat will not only not help your firm, but it may hurt it as chatters on your website remain unattended to.
  • Are you willing to outsource your chat management to an outside reputable source if you can’t handle chat requests in house? Some companies will manage your chat for you at a low cost. They charge based on chat volume or on chats that turn into leads.

If you answered yes to these, then chat may be a good fit. If not, then chat may not be your cup of tea.

What programs, plugins, or technologies can you use to implement chat functionality on your website?

Unless you are a coding guru, you probably can’t code your own chatting platform. Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as many companies offer plugins and software that can easily enhance your existing website with minimal effort on your part.


You have plenty of options for implementing a chat program. Here are 5 companies that offer chat functionality for your website. Feel free to visit their websites and analyze their features and prices.

Chat Platforms


The money and time you spend improving your chat effectiveness will reap dividends as you see your website conversion rates and lead volume increase. Practice different chat introductions and techniques as you chat with your customers to find out what messages they best respond to. It’s definitely worth giving chat a try for 2-3 months and see how it influences your overall website and marketing performance.


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