Great Analytics Tools to Improve Conversion Rates of Your Bankruptcy Website

Great Analytics Tools to Improve Conversion Rates of Your Bankruptcy Website

A brief overview of Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and more

Use website analytics to help you improve website performance.

Use website analytics to help you improve website performance.

How effective is your bankruptcy site as a sales and marketing tool? What elements are doing well? Which ones need improvement? While asking yourself, coworkers, friends, and family these questions may produce some impartial insights, to fully determine your site’s performance and find actionable insights, you need unbiased data.


Fortunately, with website analytics, you can easily track all sorts of metrics that measure site traffic, engagement, and conversions. These metrics, combined with your analysis and insights, will give you a roadmap to improve elements of your site that will increase your results. The best part is that most platforms cost very little, making them an excellent business investment.


There are plenty of analytics platforms to choose from. They come in plenty of flavors and varieties, from the robust and advanced to the plain and simple. Most are very easy to set up and use. Depending on how in-depth you want to go with analytics and analysis of your website performance, you should consider these platforms.


1. Google Analytics

Like many of Google’s outstanding products, Google Analytics shines as a “must have” platform for your website. Not only is Google Analytics free, but it gives you incredibly robust data on the following:

  • Traffic Data: Learn where site visitors are coming from (paid traffic, organic search results, local directories, direct traffic, etc)
  • Audience Data: Learn where your visitors are coming from (state, city) and what device (Android, iPhone, tablet, desktop) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc) they are using
  • Engagement Data: Learn how your site and individual pages are performing in terms of time on site, bounce rate, and number of page views
  • Conversion Data: Learn how well your site is turning visitors into leads using goals and event metrics

Google Analytics Features

Google Analytics is easy to implement and use, which is why we highly recommend it.

Learn more about Google Analytics


2. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg has four features that give you an excellent understanding of how visitors are engaging with your website. It goes beyond what Google Analytics does by giving you these features:

  • Heatmap: Helps you visually see the most popular areas of a page
  • Scrollmap: Helps you see how far down the page visitors scroll
  • Overlay: Gives you in depth information on how popular links on your pages are
  • Confetti: Gives highly detailed click data based on where visitors came from

Crazy Egg Features

Crazy Egg is an excellent complimentary product to Google Analytics. It is easy to implement with your website, and at only $9 a month for 10 web pages or for $19 a month for 20 webpages, Crazy Egg is a low-cost solution in providing impressive analytics data.

Learn more about CrazyEgg


3. Optimizely

Once you have data on your website, you should perform experiments to find ways to improve it. This can mean changing website copy, images, layout, navigation, calls to action, forms, and more. How can you know how well your changes make a difference? With Optimizely, you can set up A/B tests that split your website traffic to testing pages, where you can get data to determine how effective your site changes have been.

  • Easy to Implement: Optimizely requires a simple line of code to be copied/pasted into your html
  • Fast to Implement: All testing pages that you create are live withing minutes
  • Customizeable: Use custom goal tracking to measure the metrics that you care about

Optimizely Features

With a 30 day free trial and for $17 a month that gives you unlimited experiments for up to 2,000 monthly visitors, Optimizely is a great low-cost solution to your A/B testing needs.

Learn more about Optimizely


4. Get Clicky, Clic Tale, and others

There are plenty of alternative platforms for gathering website analytics. Here are a few alternatives that you can consider as you decide which platform to use to measure your site:

Remember, the better you measure your site performance and changes, the more refined your site will be and the better marketing results it will produce for you.


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