Google My Business – Getting Started

Google My Business – Getting Started

What is Google’s new “Google My Business”    – FAQ

Google My Business is Google’s the one place that holds all information about you, and the only place you need to remember to go if you want to change the way you are seen on Google. It holds information like photos, address, phone, tagline, description, blogs, etc.  It is, and will replace all other Google services that similar functions. (Google places, Google maps, Adwords, etc)

How it effects you:  

In the past, you might have seen inaccurate information about your business in Google and didn’t know how to change it, especially if you have moved locations. GMB offers one location to host information about you to eliminate erroneous duplication, and makes it easier for you to remember where to go to change things. If you are logged in to the right Gmail account, you just open a new browser tab, then Google “Google My Business” and sign in to see and manage your business page(s).

If you are using Adwords, as of mid October 2014, all location information (extensions) that were entered manually (your business address), will no longer show, but Adwords will now look to your GMB account to pull and display your address with ads when needed.

Getting Started:

  1. Login to your Google account  >  sign in, (you might have to close all browsers and open a new one if you were logged as someone else.) Make sure to use the email you want Google to associate with your Google My Business center.
  2. Go to Google My Business website.
  3. Click on the blue button, Get on Google.Get On Google
  4. Put in your businesses name or address > and then select it from the results.
  5. Follow the prompts from there.
  6. If you see the message, “Someone else has already verified this listing”, you may already have it setup, or the previous owner of the building might have done this.  Just pick Request admin rights and follow the prompts.
  7. If you run into problems, up in the top right hand of the screen is a help button to contact Google and step you through the rest.  (this may have changed this week)
  8. There are now two methods of verification:
    1. I recommend the Call if  you can. The other can take a few weeks to complete.Call me now






Once that process is complete Adwords’ location settings can be upgraded properly with your email, and all calls to display the address of your business will come from Google My Business.


Need more help?

Once you have been verified from Google, invite page managers to help you manage data stored in Google My Business without the need for them to login with your email address.

Google support:  Add and remove page managers

If you don’t see the “managers” tab during the instructions, you might not be verified with Google yet. Feel free to contact Google support through this process.

OCTOBER 14, 2014 by Feleni Siufanua
Feleni is a user experience designer, and account manager at Sebo Marketing

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