How to Create and Use Ebooks for Bankruptcy Marketing

How to Create and Use Ebooks for Bankruptcy Marketing

You can use Ebooks to answer customer questions, build relationships, and generate leads

You can use Ebooks to answer customer questions, build relationships, and generate leads

7 Easy Steps to Make and Use Ebooks for Bankruptcy Marketing

Over half of all bankruptcy-related searches on Google and Bing relate to questions or information about bankruptcy. This gives you an excellent opportunity to meet this need for information and become your customers’ go-to source for answers to their questions. One of the most effective ways for you to meet this need is by creating high quality Ebooks.


Ebooks are easy to create, effectively respond to customers’ need for information, and can be used as tools to build customer relationships and generate leads.

Ebooks should be visually interesting, have high quality content, and be an appropriate length

Ebooks should be visually interesting, have high quality content, and be an appropriate length

What are Ebooks and why should you use them?

An Ebook is simply a digital document, usually a PDF file, that you can create using programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe InDesign. They have several benefits:

  1. They meet customer needs. Your Ebooks can address all of your customers’ important questions and concerns in a thoughtful, effective way.
  2. They establish your credibility. Ebooks are more professional and impressive than simple webpages. As your clients read and use your Ebooks, they will gain confidence that you are an expert in your field.
  3. They give you competitive advantage. Because creating high quality Ebooks takes time and energy, few of your competitors are willing to do it. Therefore, you will stand out from the crowd as you display your Ebook gems for your clients to use.
  4. They are easily distributable. You can use Ebooks on your website, send them in emails, or print them as tangible copies.

How Can You Create and Market Your Ebooks?

You don’t have to be a Pulitzer-prize winning author to write your own Ebooks. Here are some steps you can follow to develop and market your Ebooks.

  1. Plan what Ebooks to create. Think from your customers’ perspectives. What topics, questions, or concerns do they have? If you were your customers, what Ebooks would you be interested in? Make a list of potential Ebook topics, such as Chapter 7, business bankruptcy, life after bankruptcy, how bankruptcy affects debt, when to file bankruptcy, etc. Consider starting with your top 2-3 most important topics to develop your initial Ebooks. You can always create more later on.
  2. Thoroughly research your topics. Spend some time finding interesting quotes, statistics, stories, and sources to use to strengthen the credibility of your writing.
  3. Write effective content.┬áKeep your Ebooks’ content meaty, yet concise. No one wants to read a 43-page treatise. Conversely, if your Ebook is 1 page long, your customers may not find much value in it. Keep your content unique, insightful, and interesting.
  4. Make them visually impressive. If your Ebook is plain and visually uninteresting, it loses much of its perceived and actual value. Using high quality images, layout, and graphic design, make sure your Ebook is beautiful and impressive. Use your logo and colors to make the Ebook consistent with your brand image. Consider hiring a graphic designer to help you take your content and make it shine with excellent visual beauty. A skilled designer can take the content you have written and format it to impress your customers.
  5. Distribute your Ebooks. Just as the cost of creating Ebooks is minimal, the cost of distributing them is even less. Have dedicated webpages on your site to your Ebooks. Make them easy to download and find. Also, consider emailing copies of your Ebooks to your potential clients as they express interest in your services. You may even consider printing and binding your Ebooks (for a small cost of a few dollars) and giving out physical copies during your in-person consultations or through mail.
  6. Advertise your Ebooks. Most attorneys focus on “Get a Free Consultation” or something similar in their efforts to get customers to hire them. Try using your Free Ebooks to your customers in your online and offline advertisements. Interested customers will come to your website and download these Ebooks, which will establish goodwill and generate leads (if you require that an online form be filled to access your Ebooks).
  7. Measure your Ebooks’ effectiveness. In the end, are your Ebooks producing results? If customers aren’t downloading or using them, it may be a sign that your Ebooks are visually uninteresting or aren’t focused on the right topics. More importantly, what percentage of individuals that use your Ebooks become paying customers? Keep track of how well your Ebooks are helping you increase your clientele and make improvements to your Ebooks themselves as well as your strategy in using them to increase performance.

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