Establishing a Noni Fruit Sales Pipeline

Establishing a Noni Fruit Sales Pipeline

How to build and maintain a solid sales pipeline the Noni fruit way

The Noni fruit produces year round, 24/7

The Noni fruit produces year round, 24/7

The Noni fruit is an amazing specimen. It grows year round in tropical climates and is constantly producing fruit. It never sleeps or stops producing.


More interestingly, the Noni plant has fruit in various stages of development on the same branch. From young flowers and baby fruit to mature and ripe fruit, the Noni constantly churns out new fruit systematically.


Your marketing and sales efforts should follow the Noni pattern and create a sales pipeline that constantly produces potential clients and turns them into paying clients.


Here are the 4 main phases of a Noni sales pipeline.

There are 4 stages in an effective sales pipeline

There are 4 stages in an effective sales pipeline

Step 1: Market Your Services

If there are no baby flowers, there will never be any ripe fruit to pick. Use both online and traditional marketing to advertise your services and create awareness for potential clients.

Step 2: Evaluate Potential Clients and Leads

Next, you should analyze whether the baby fruit you have found has potential to becoming ripe fruit. Usually about 25% of leads are of very high quality, 25% are of low quality, and 50% are somewhere in between. Understanding the current quality and state of each potential client will help you create an effective strategy to nurture them.

Step 3: Nurture Quality Leads

Next, you should focus on 75% of the baby fruit and help it mature. Each potential client has unique needs. You shouldn’t waste time on the 25% of low quality leads. Often times no amount of effort will lead them to becoming paying clients. Focus on closing the 25% of solid leads quickly. Then spend time and energy creating a system to nurture the 50% of leads that could become clients but may need more work.


Specifically, try the following:

  • Offer high quality consultations over the phone and in person to understand their situation thoroughly
  • Offer them helpful bankruptcy-related materials that will help them make an informed decision.
  • Clearly explain what separates you from your competitors and how you can help them

Step 4: Close Leads Into Clients

You should ensure that you harvest all ripe fruit every time. Once a potential client decides to hire you, make sure to offer high quality service and fulfill on the promises and expectations that you set when you persuaded them to become clients.


Remember that each step in the sales pipeline requires different strategies to move potential clients to become paying clients. Once you have established a sales pipeline, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors, Noni style.

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