4 Ways to Market Your Law Firm Offline

4 Ways to Market Your Law Firm Offline

Consider Using Billboards, Radio, TV, and Direct Mail

Billboards, Radio, TV, and Direct Mail are useful marketing mediums

Billboards, Radio, TV, and Direct Mail are useful marketing mediums

While much advertising is shifting towards the Internet, there are still plenty of opportunities to reach out to your customers offline. CONSider using these mediums as you try and attract potential clients to use your services.

1. Direct Mail

PROS: With direct mail, you can create or buy a mailing list of people that match your demographic, or you can send mail to everyone living in a certain zip code or city. Direct mail is easy for CONSumers to act on. You can be creative in your messaging and use different types, such as postcards, brochures, or enveloped mail.


CONS: Direct mail campaigns can be time CONSuming to design, set up, and execute. Also, sometimes people throw away mail as “junk mail.” Lastly, unless your mailing list is highly targeted, you may waste money advertising to those that don’t need your services.


SUMMARY: Use direct mail when you have a solid, targeted mailing list and have time to create a good campaign.

2. Radio

PROS: Radio allows you to reach a wide audience. You can target your ads based on geography and by radio station demographic (Ex: a sports station, pop station, etc). You can target specific times of day. Your ads can have rich audio quality that engages users effectively. Radio is excellent for creating a branded image.

CONS: Radio production takes time and can be costly to produce. Also, it is often hard for CONSumers to respond directly to your advertisement while they are driving.

SUMMARY: Use radio when trying to brand your law firm. Make sure to choose the right stations, create engaging ads, and be CONSistent in your ad timings.

3. Billboards

PROS: Billboards reach drivers in high traffic areas. They get a lot of visual attention. It is easy to estimate the amount of viewership (which can be high depending on location) that the billboard ad gets. Billboards get your name out to a large group of people and are excellent branding tools.

CONS: If you have a poor location, your billboard ad won’t get much attention. Also, it can be very hard for CONSumers to respond to your ad while they are driving.

SUMMARY: Billboards are great for branding, but will likely need to be paired with other advertising forms to get CONSumers to act and use your services.

4. TV

PROS: TV ads can reach a large audience. They can target specific geographical areas and specific channels. With cable ads, you can target specific demographics (Ex: Animal Planet, HGTV, ESPN). They are the most engaging form of advertising with both video, audio, and text components. CONSumers can respond easily to TV advertising.

CONS: TV commercials can be time-CONSuming to create and very costly to produce.

SUMMARY: Use TV for branding and direct action, but make sure that the return on investment justifies the time and money spent on producing commercials.


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