Overview of Internet Marketing Resources

Overview of Internet Marketing Resources

7 Essential Tools to Use to Market Your Law Firm Online

If you want to market your law practice online, where do you start? There are 7 main resources that you should consider using. Depending on your business goals, each of these resources offers unique benefits for you. Pick and choose the ones that you feel will most increase your profitability.

7 Great Tools for Online Marketing

7 Internet Marketing Resources

1. Quality Website

A quality website allows you to communicate to your customers efficiently. It can be used as a tool to highlight the value of your services and differentiate you from your competition. When combined with online advertising, it can become a valuable lead generation tool.

2. Mobile Website

Mobile websites increase conversion rates of mobile visitors and make it easy for them to contact you. To make a mobile site, consider these options:

  • Hire a web developer to modify your site
  • Use a tool like GoMo or Duda Mobile to adapt your site for mobile

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo gives you fast and efficient ad space at the very top of search engines. You only pay when someone clicks on the ads that you create. To do this, you must:

  • Research keywords related to your business that you want to target
  • Write good ads
  • Create good landing pages on your website for those that click on ads

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO allows you to rank highly on search engines for keywords related to your business, such as “bankruptcy attorney in nashville” or “chapter 7 bankruptcy in denver”. Once you rank high for keywords, you can have a steady stream of free website traffic. To do this strategy, you must:

  • Optimize your site’s webpages for keyword phrases in the meta, title, alt tags, h1, h2, and text elements
  • Create valuable content that generates links from other websites

5. Directories

Directories are the online version of phone books. Individuals often use these popular directories to find local help with anything from restaurants and plumbers to legal help. Google, Yahoo, and Bing include their own local directory listings at the top of natural search results, too!

Consider adding your law firm to these directories. Some are paid, while some are Free! Enhanced listings offer additional advertising options, such as online coupons and sponsored placements.

6. Email

Email allows you to share content and information with customers. While this should be used sparingly, consider creating an email newsletter that is sent out monthly. This newsletter can highlight:

  • Relevant news updates
  • Relevant and helpful content
  • Useful advice and guidance

If you send email newsletters, consider using these tools:

7. Social Media

Social media allows you to connect with and create lasting relationships with customers and business partners. Use the following social media for different objectives:

  • Facebook– Use to share valuable content like articles and videos with your customers
  • Twitter– Use to share brief tips and updates on relevant topics
  • Linked In– Use to connect with industry professionals and groups to learn and share


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