How to Create a Powerful Brand Image

How to Create a Powerful Brand Image

Differentiate your law firm from the crowd with a great brand

Famous BrandsAs customers try and decide which of the many law firms in your area to hire for their bankruptcy case, whether or not you have a memorable brand can make a difference in whether they choose you or another firm.


Just as many large companies have developed memorable, powerful brands, so can you create a brand for your law firm that helps you stand out from the swarm of other law firms in your area.


What creates a great brand?

A brand is simply the image of your company and the associated psychological and emotional feelings with it.

  • Visually Appealing: Bankruptcy is not an exotic industry, but you can still have an attractive, appealing feel for your brand that looks good and even stunning.
  • MemorableEveryone recognizes Nike and other famous brands. Do people recognize your brand? Does it stand out as being unique?
  • Emotional Connection: Good brands create emotions, such as trust, loyalty, and goodwill. A great brand is not only established from your visual identity, but also from good experiences that individuals have had with your brand that create a strong emotional connection.

Why should you care about establishing a brand?

Differentiation: There are plenty of bankruptcy attorneys in each area. But most of them have similar names, services, and marketing strategies. Your unique brand will help you stand out from the crowd as unique.

Loyalty: Customers buy from brands that they recognize and trust. If you develop a unique, powerful brand, customers will be more willing to buy from you than from your competitors.

Brand Examples

How do you create a memorable brand?

Brands are mainly visual in nature, but they are also created with the underlying value that you provide to customers and the experiences that customers have interacting with your law firm.

  • Name: How many law firms are named “Law Offices of _____” or “_______ & Associates”? Not only does this naming strategy not sound very interesting, but it makes law firms sound exactly like other firms. Consider creating a new name or pseudo name for marketing purposes that is easy to remember and highlights value to customers. (Ex: “Spokane Bankruptcy Group” or “Louisville Debt Help”)
  • Logo: Your logo is the #1 factor in establishing a brand. It represents your law firm’s image and brand.
  • Design: Colors and mood establish the feel of your brand. Emotions are created through color, so choose colors and designs for all marketing materials that reflect the feel of your company (Ex: bold, caring, affordable, etc)

Consider hiring a graphic designer to help you establish a visually impressive, memorable branded image and logo in all of your marketing materials. It will be money well spent.


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