How to Use Testimonials and Referrals Effectively

How to Use Testimonials and Referrals Effectively

Strengthen your marketing efforts with testimonials and referrals

Testimonials & Success StoriesYour current and past clients can be a great marketing resource for you. As you deliver exceptional service, your clients will feel more inclined to be willing to help you if asked to do so. By gathering testimonials and by seeking referrals, you can strengthen your marketing claims and find new clients.

Testimonials & Success Stories

Clients that have good experiences working with you will often be willing to share their thoughts and experiences. You can use their feedback in short testimonials or in longer, anonymous success stories.


Testimonials can be brief or long. Due to the stigma of bankruptcy, keep them anonymous and don’t reveal full names. The testimonial can be in audio or text format. Towards the end of the bankruptcy process, simply ask your clients if you can record their testimonial with working with you. Have them send you an email with their thoughts, gently follow up with them if they forget to send it to you, and then thank them once they have sent it to you.


Similar to testimonials, success stories are third person accounts of the difficult legal or financial situation that your client faced and how you helped them overcome it. This is more of a narrative. To create success stories, contact your clients and ask for their permission to create one. Keep names anonymous and avoid revealing overly sensitive data in your story. Once you have written the story, have your clients review it to make sure that they approve.


Once you have testimonials and success stories, you can use them in your marketing efforts. Use them on your website and in online and offline advertising. Testimonials and success stories can help potential clients overcome their anxieties and fears towards the bankruptcy process and towards hiring an attorney. They will greatly strengthen your marketing messages and lead potential clients to feel more confident using your services.


Sometimes, your clients will have friends, relatives, or acquaintances who are struggling financially and may need to consider filing bankruptcy. By extending an invitation to help these individuals, you can get referrals. Referrals have a higher likelihood of hiring you than do cold contacts, so it is worth your time to pursue.


Here are some ideas for getting referrals:


  • Ask for Referrals: Towards the end of the bankruptcy filing process, simply ask your clients if they know anyone who is struggling legally or financially. Offer to give their friends and relatives a free consultation.
  • Offer Helpful Materials: If your clients know someone that could use legal help, offer to give them free materials such as a brochure, ebook, or video collection that explains how bankruptcy works and how it can help them.
  • Contact Referrals: Take time to call or email referrals that clients give you. Then follow up with your client and thank them for the referral.


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