Overview of Facebook Advertising

Overview of Facebook Advertising

Generate awareness and strengthen your brand with Facebook

Facebook LogoFacebook has over 500 million users, making it the most popular social media platform. Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to display ads to the thousands of Facebook users in your area and strengthen your branding efforts.

How does Facebook advertising work?

  • Account Setup: When people create a Facebook account, they share their interests, demographic information like age and gender, and location. Facebook stores this information in their personal preferences.
  • Display Ads: Facebook uses these profile settings to match ads (which appear on the right side of the page) with their appropriate audience. For example, an engaged individual may see ads for wedding photography, or a 54 year old male may see ads for home equity loans.
  • Clicks on Ads: When Facebook users click on ads, they are sent to a specified page on the advertiser’s website.

How can Facebook advertising help your law firm?

Facebook has strengths and weaknesses as an advertising platform. It does not excel at generating large amounts of website traffic or leads, though it can produce some. This is because Facebook users are not actively looking for legal help, but are rather casually interacting with friends.


On the other hand, Facebook is an excellent tool to reach a large audience of various ages and increase awareness of your law firm’s brand. Because a large percentage of people in your area use Facebook, the odds are that most of them will at least see your ad (even if they don’t click on it) and become more aware of your firm. This may lead them to respond more positively in the future to your other marketing efforts.

How to execute a Facebook advertising campaign

Facebook advertising is not complicated and requires no technical expertise.

  • Determine Your Audience: Narrow who you want to show ads to by their age, location, and interests. This will help you reach the right group of people.

Facebook Audience

  • Create Ads and Bids: Facebook ads are simple. You should include a powerful headline, body copy, and an interesting, eye-catching image. Remember that you only have a few seconds of attention for people to notice and read your ad. Consider using your law firm name and logo in the ad to strengthen your brand awareness. Set a bid price of what you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

Facebook Ad

  • Analyze Results: Facebook’s advertising dashboard shows you metrics on how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it, and how many became leads. Run periodic reports to see how well your campaigns are going.
  • Optimize Results: Determine whether your campaigns are reaching your goals for number of impressions, clicks, and leads. You may decide to increase or decrease the reach of your ads by expanding or narrowing your targeting settings. You can try new ad images and messages. You can increase or decrease your bids to change how high or low your ad appears.


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