Overview of Online Local Directories: the Modern Phonebooks

Overview of Online Local Directories: the Modern Phonebooks

Why you should consider listing your law firm on local directories

Local directories allow you to reach more potential clients online

Local directories allow you to reach more potential clients online

We all remember the good ole’ days of using phone books to find local plumbers, landscapers, and yes…attorneys. You may have even advertised in phone books to generate leads. Long gone are those days as search engines continue to provide faster (and often better) search results.


However, while printed phone books are outdated, the concept of local directories has not died. Rather, in the last 10 years, it has evolved into an online version that has become an alternative for using search engines to find local services. Called “local directories”, many companies are using these to find new clients online.


As an attorney, you should consider submitting your law firm to local directories to increase your site traffic, leads, and profitability.

What are local directories?

Think of local directories as online versions of phone books, but with more interactivity, dynamic content, and visual appeal.


The local directory organizes local businesses based on categories and subcategories. Any business with a local market, from restaurants and landscapers to attorneys and AC repair men, is eligible to use them.


Each company’s directory will vary as to its format and features. However, most directories allow you to include information about your business, such as operating hours, customer reviews, pictures of your staff and location, prices, coupons, and more.

How will local directories help your law firm?

Local directories offer many benefits for your law firm.

  • They increase your exposure to local customers
  • They can produce additional website traffic and leads.
  • They offer the option to include promotional ads to persuade users to use your services.
  • They provide a way for customers to post reviews about your business
  • Most directories offer a basic package that is completely free!

Which directories should you use?

There are hundreds of directories that you could submit to, but to get the most return from your time, stick to the following major directories. You can always expand to minor directories in the future.

It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to set up your basic profile in each directory. Then it can take about 5 minutes for each directory to make any ongoing updates that you see fit to make.To reduce your time in managing local listings, you can use Yext, a company that saves you time by helping you manage all directory listings from one centralized panel.

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