Benefits of Internet Marketing

Benefits of Internet Marketing

6 benefits that make Internet marketing a great option for law firms

Benefits of Internet MarketingLaw firms face challenging marketing decisions. How do they find niche groups seeking legal services and market to them more effectively than the slew of other attorneys in their area? The Internet provides 6 main benefits that make it a must for attorneys.

1. Highly Targeted

No more broadcasting to the masses when trying to reach niche markets. With Internet marketing, you can choose exactly who you want to market to. You can advertise to individuals based on specific keyword searches, device type (mobile, computer, or tablet), specific websites people use (,, time of day, language, and over 20 other factors. Basically, you can reach exactly the people that you want to reach. No more, no less.

2. Transparent

Data keeps no secrets. Robust analytic data in Google Analytics and Google Adwords tells the story on everything from which ads worked to how long visitors are staying on a specific web page. You can know what specific area your visitors are clicking from, what your most effective pages are, and which keywords are bringing in the most leads.  This data gives you the information you need to make informed marketing decisions and adjustments to fine-tune your strategies and increase results.

3. Broad Reach

Virtually everyone uses the Internet nowadays. There are over 100 billion searches each month on Google alone. In addition, with the Google Display Network, you can advertise on thousands of popular websites like,, and The Internet gives your marketing efforts incredible reach potential.

4. Performance-Based

No more spending on marketing upfront and hoping for results.¬†With Internet marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks, you don’t pay a penny. You can adjust how much you are willing to spend for clicks, so you can make sure that you are only spending the amount that you want.

5. Dynamic

Nothing is set in stone with the Internet. In fact, you can change virtually everything about your marketing campaigns on the fly. You can change who you market to, what your ads say, and what your website says within days or even minutes. With the Internet, you aren’t steering a sluggish battleship. You are steering a jet-ski that can change course quickly and efficiently.

6. Testing Heaven

You don’t have to guess as to what messages to promote. Are your customers more interested in message A or message B? Test it. Do they like webpage A or webpage B better? Test it. You can launch marketing initiatives, wait for data to accumulate, analyze the results, and them make optimization decisions. Tweak that ad. Change that landing page. The sky is the limit with what you can test.

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